I’ve already gotten a critique of the blog title. Admittedly, I’m bad with titles. I will consider alternative suggestions if anyone has a better idea.


View from my bed. My place is TINY, I hope this makes up for it in the long run…

Ah, Friends

Tonight I asked my youngest nephew (age 7) if he had a best friend. He said “yes, Cage.” When I pulled this photo up on my iPhone and told him I had found it at my brother’s apartment last week, he grabbed the phone and deleted it instantly. Thank goodness PhotoStream will never let you … Continue reading

The Most Important Thing

As I prepare to travel to Paris, I realize that it is already time for me to figure out the most important thing: in this period of mid-season finales and show hiatuses, what am I to watch when flying to, and then settling into, my new life in Paris? Perhaps it’s just the effect of … Continue reading