Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’m in a bit of a bind, because I’m trying to finish a small draft of a chapter by the end of the month (tomorrow) and the best way to do this has been to stay put in my apartment, where I have internet, books, computers and other mac devices, etc. However, have I mentioned … Continue reading

Write like it’s Vegas

An unfortunate by-product of going cold turkey off of ambien is that I sleep like a jet-lagged person, at weird hours and whatnot. So it’s 2pm now and I’m just waking up. For today I am going to try and deal with this by working as if I were in Vegas, where the rhythms of … Continue reading

Darkness has fallen

This image (sorry, mp, you have to click through to the post to see it) has me in mind of a song that bb was singing a lot in my last few months in the states, Darkness Has Fallen. The original doesn’t really work for me, it’s a much more mournful and contented rendition that … Continue reading

Write or Die

Admittedly, I am cheating, making my first “write or die” session a blog post. In part this is because I want to test this system out, and in larger part it is because of the intense difficulty of starting writing on any given day. And although I am succumbing to yet another gadget-oriented system in … Continue reading


I am still pretty desperate to feel settled here, to know where I can go to work and that something won’t go awry with that plan, to have some sort of writing routine. And I admit that–while I have been getting reading and organizational work done–I’m still strongly resistant to starting the writing. I am moving … Continue reading


I kinda give up. Yesterday I stayed in all day, to try to really power through some work. I did get a lot done, but I also took a nap in the afternoon and got really achy from hardly moving all day. Today I went out, both to get some decent food that might include … Continue reading

Sense Memory

I finally figured out how long it’s been since I was last in Paris–8 years. The last time I was here was the summer of 2004, in the midst of a semi-ok time with Scott, before our final break-up in 2006. Did I say semi-ok? Actually now that I start going through emails trying to figure … Continue reading


What You Really Want to Know

I realize that no one wants to hear how awesome it is over here, rather it’s the failures and miseries that keep blogs interesting. In going over my receipts for the past week and trying to figure out exactly how much money I’d hemorrhaged and where, I discovered that somewhere along the line I bought … Continue reading


I woke up to this today, and honestly I feel a little ridiculous to be living this life. That’s the window, by the way, where I will sit to write The Book, when I am working at home. Here are some views of the apartment (glorified room, really, but I’m not complaining): I keep finding … Continue reading