Sick Pia, Sick

I did everything right and still this cold virus is KICKING MY ASS. I have been house-bound since Tuesday, and yesterday when I thought I was almost done with the damned thing I made one little trip out, to stretch my legs and get some comforting soup, and bam–BAM!–worse than ever. (It occurs to me … Continue reading

Stupid Persistence

I’ve gotten some steam on my writing, and I’m trying to think about what went right. Sadly, it hasn’t been the institution of a schedule, though I still dream of doing that. I think the only reason that I finally got writing is that I didn’t totally stop at any point. There are other factors … Continue reading

Moon Set

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a moonset. But this was the view at 7:30ish this morning.

Henry Miller’s Commandments

Thanks to bb for sending along!

A Sad Person Holding a Fork

  I love this. Like, a lot.

Clockwork Muse

Well, I give up. After a day spent Finding Ways to Avoid Writing–including doing crunches in the middle of the day! WTF?–I have to admit that what I need is a schedule. I have picked up and am re-reading Clockwork Muse. It’s really not that hard (I’ve already stopped reading it after an evening), basically, … Continue reading