I have not been writing my daily posts this week, but this time it is for a good reason: I’ve been writing the other stuff that I’m *really* supposed to be writing. My new favorite hashtag on twitter is #shutupandwrite. Which plenty of you have been saying to me for years. So there you go. … Continue reading

A Very Good Day

It has been mentioned to me that too many of my posts dwell on failure and difficulty. While that fact doesn’t bother me much, I do think it’s probably true that I don’t often spend time noticing when things are going well. It probably has something to do with the arrival of spring in Paris … Continue reading

Lessons Learned

I’m headed back to Paris this afternoon, and back to the #ECRbook (more on the hashtag shortly). Last Wednesday I met the deadline I had set with my accountabilibuddy by sending off a chapter draft. Though the piece is far from finished, the process of trying to meet a self-imposed deadline taught me a few … Continue reading

Everybody Lies

I feel like I’m hearing something different than most of the internet when I listen to “Retraction,” This American Life’s retraction of their January 6, 2012 episode, “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.” Sure, the whole incident raises interesting questions about “the increasingly blurred lines, in various media, between entertainment and journalism.” Would that mainstream … Continue reading

Everything In Denmark Is Perfect

Seriously.The trains are pristine. Six-month-old babies sit happily upright in their high chair at the table, not strapped in–FOR OVER AN HOUR– while the adults talk. Perfectly coordinated color accents are everywhere. The hot dogs are amazing. There’s even good weather now. I love this place.


Let’s talk The Walking Dead. SPOILERALERTSTOPREADINGNOWIFYOUHAVENTSEENLASTNIGHTSEPISODE. What I’m seeing online about the implications of s02e12, “Better Angels,” is that we’re now to assume anyone dead is infected. I suppose this revelation comes from the fact that Randall had no bite marks. But what are we to make of the fact that Shane seemed to be … Continue reading


I don’t know about others, but for me, creating–and meeting–deadlines is the most challenging part of the writing process. Probably has to do with the resistance that I have to organizing time in general. This leave has given me everything I need for completing my manuscript EXCEPT (true) deadlines. While I have been writing quite … Continue reading

Losing My iPhone

I’ve developed a new genre of stress dream in the last month: I lose my iPhone. More accurately, I get it stolen through some careless action. These dreams seem to have taken over for the stress dream where I lose my cat, a corollary of the stress dream many parents have told me they have … Continue reading

Reality (TV) and the Metaphor

First off, I am disappointed to learn that the changes to the latest edition of the iPad are not significant enough to justify the upgrade. Boosts in resolution are nice, but this [iPad that I’m writing on now] really is a work tool for me, and without a more streamlined and lightweight footprint, the original … Continue reading


I know most of my friends laugh at the ridiculous way in which I procrastinate with writing systems, tools, and gadgets. It’s ok–I recognize the ironies of being a productive procrastinator–but I still believe in it, because it’s one of my main sources of motivation. That’s right, the threat of getting denied tenure if I … Continue reading