Are you there friends? It’s me, Pia.

I have 74 days left on this trip. I need to write, and it is fucking hard. I don’t know if it’s harder because I’m single, but it does suck to not have any one person to be mad at for not supporting me in all the ways that I need. Because yeah, I know that’s what relationships often add up to–really, how could anyone ever support a crazy academic in all the ways that they need?–but there still is something comforting about having someone besides oneself to seethe with anger towards as one tries to be productive. And then you get to write nice things about that person in your book acknowledgments.

I apologize for my cynicism, I know some of you have relationships that do not look like this. Or at least only sometimes look like this. But hey, gotta make myself feel better somehow. (Recently learning that my ex’s wife is on exclusive night duty with their 6-month old because of his sleeping issues helps too.)

I do love Paris. I do feel good about the progress I’ve made on the book. I do feel more and more confident that it is a publishable project. In many ways I’m in a good place, both literally and figuratively. Hell, I’m even interested in what I’m working on, and how often does that happen at this stage of a project? But it’s the day by day that’s killing me. The #shutupandwrite. And what I need now, from all of you friends who still read my blog from time to time to see what I’m up to, I need some positive energy and encouragement. I know that as a bitter and cynical person it seems wrong for me to ask for positive energy and encouragement, but it’s what I need. For the next 74 days, as much as you can stand. Comment on my posts, or send me someecards, or do something. Please. It will help. I need a cheering team.

And if anyone else is embarking on a summer project that they’d like some support and accountability for, feel free to drop me a line. I’m trying to hit this any which way I can, so the more accountabilibuddies the merrier.


10 Responses to “Are you there friends? It’s me, Pia.”
  1. G says:

    Go Pia Go!
    consider yourself officially encouraged & sent good productive energy! From my new work iPad 😉 Do enjoy the amazing place where you are and do write a bunch of stuff. I know it’s hard! I’m glad you like the project, but I know It is so hard. I watched Louis CK stand up and LMFAO! Thought of you! Much love & see you soon, G

    • piagone says:

      Thank you so much, it really helps a ridiculous amount. Jealous of the new iPad. Does it run hot? That’s what I’ve heard, worried about that. Love Louis CK. Watch Girls from HBO too. MP knows how to get it.

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve been enjoying reading the blog and will enjoy reading THE BOOK even more! Say to yourself — this is going to be the most crazy productive 68 days — gotta have a little time to relax in between pumping out those pages — I’ve ever had. And when it happens, and it will happen, pat yourself on the back. It’s gonna happen! Massive quantities of good vibage heading your way.

    • piagone says:

      Thanks Matt! Had no idea you and Ang were reading this, that makes me happy. It’s nice to have weird virtual ties to friends even when I don’t know it. And I appreciate switching my countdown to give me 6 days of rest…

  3. Mary says:

    Yes! Go Pia Go. It’s really great that you’re still interested in the project at this point. It’s great that you’ve made such progress, absolutely great. It means that you will keep going.

    My project for the summer is to find a job. So how about we do some accountability?

    • piagone says:

      Yes of course! Your task sounds more daunting, I’m happy to do accountability with you. Are you done teaching for the quarter? I’m trying to start waking up to an alarm, which you know I hate. But I did it today.

  4. Ella says:

    Well, I think you’re cavorting with friends in London at the moment, which I hope will leave you feeling re-charged. It’s *wonderful* that you’re interested in your project and feel that it’s coming together as a book. That’s huge. Just keep plugging away, in small chunks, as you said. YOU CAN DO IT.

    And when you need a break, there’s a great interview with Lena Dunham on Fresh Air w/ Terry Gross.

    • piagone says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the Dunham interview! Will go listen to that now. London was last week, which was great, but now it’s omg-I-don’t-have-that-long-left-and-I-am-too-slow time. I have found a local writing group though, so that should help, and really, just whatever I can do to get through this. All you guys chiming in really helps too. Isolation is a bitch sometimes.

  5. Jessica says:

    I am a bit envious, really, that you like your project. This is also my summer to write or die, and right now my project feels like the abusive other in a bad relationship that has taken way too much of my time. I’m hoping we reconcile in the next couple of weeks and start to enjoy each other’s company. So if you like your project – but not too much, not in the way that makes you want to hold onto it for years and years – you’re probably doing okay. If it makes you feel any better, we miss you here. Watching Mad Men by ourselves is lonely enough; watching The Bachlorette alone is just pathetic. And yet, that’s what Richard and I have been reduced to. I made it through many, many years avoiding that particular television cesspool, and then you introduced me to it just before you up and left. Really, not at all nice. So work as hard as you can now, write as much as you can, and come home (yes, this IS home) to all the past due conversations about vapidity and shame – with drinks.

    • piagone says:

      Jess-i-ca! Yeah, I know it’s good to still like the project, but I’m afraid it might have some relation to not having actually written enough of it to get sick of it yet. The only thing I know for sure is that no writing gets done when I feel shitty and depressed, so I’m trying not to go there, but feeling ok and counting my blessings isn’t getting the thing done at a fast enough pace… I don’t know, the whole thing sucks no matter how you cut it. The Bachelor/ette franchise may indeed be the most horrible pathetic viewing habit on earth, but it does have the one virtue of providing weekly states of wonderment at the fact that one is still watching it (I can’t even feel shame, because even as I watch it I keep feeling surprised that I am watching it. I guess that’s some highly effective denial at work). And yes, sigh, UT is home… I do miss those conversations with drinks. In fact, P has been talking about all the awesome things she will cook to go with the drinks I will make and it has me looking very much forward to a giant back-to-school party in August.

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