Hands down best day ever in Paris. Here are all the things gone right.

Adorable children listen in rapt attention as I first tell them the story of the Raft of the Medusa, then the Oath of the Horatii, in preparation for visit to the Louvre.

This happened over a wonderful baguette-and-croissant breakfast.

Visit to the Carnavelet museum where I get to regale said adorable children with stories of violence and murder in the French Revolution. Adults think children not so adorable, I still happy.

Later that evening, happy hour at Le Fumoir which I have been meaning to try forever and which to my delight I find has an enormous list of cocktails, properly done. I had an Absinthe Drip (bohemian style with flaming sugar which is not quite purist, but still pretty cool) and a Manhattan (I make better at home thanks to those awesome brandied cherries that I will have to remember to jar up in August when I get back). The place is more spacious inside than I had previously thought, and I anticipate that I could happily tuck away in a corner for some early evening writing sessions in the future.

Then, mp kindly watched the kids and eurocup so gd and I could hit the town. We went to one of the premium cocktail bars that I have been dying to try, Le Ballroom du Beef Club. Candlelit basement speakeasy style. You know, the drinks were so strong and excellent that I don’t even feel like describing them. I suspect I couldn’t do them justice. The¬†Cucumber Fumant was a highlight, but so too was the perfectly made Hendrick’s martini.

But then here’s where it gets weirdly coincidental. Our waiter turns out to be from Salt Lake City and to have taken a class with our dear friend em, as well as having grown up in West Yellowstone, very near bb’s Montana home. I suspect that if I hadn’t already imbibed as much as I had that I might have had the horrified “can’t escape!” feeling, but as it was I just found it really fun and comforting to meet someone from “home” in such a random way.

And yes, I heard what I just said. See you all in about 6 weeks.

One Response to “Yes.”
  1. Ella says:

    Ha! We can’t wait to welcome you HOME.

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