Write-A-Thon Revisited

It was quite some time ago when I first said I was going to do a write-a-thon, but on Friday when I sat down to start working in the morning I happened to look at the calendar to see how many days I had remaining in Paris, and lo and behold there were exactly 26. So, I am now officially 3 days into my write-a-thon.

I’m taking this as a time to just “write a lot” though I can’t make promises about how on topic that writing will be. I’m aiming for roughly 2000 words/day of any kind of writing (so this blog post counts) with the hope that within the final 52,000 word output there will be a few usable things for the book.

One of my goals is to increase the amount of daily freewriting that I do on my topic, so I’ve been doing 10-minute Write Or Die sprints, with an interesting twist. A few weeks ago my iPad keyboard broke, and I’ve had to replace it, this time with a combo keyboard/folio case. The keyboard I got happens to have a French keyboard “skin,” but the keys work QWERTY style. Slightly confusing, but not too bad. What is a little annoying, though, is that because this keyboard’s footprint is a little smaller than my last, there is no right-hand shift key, and the apostrophe key is in an unfamiliar location… all of this means that I can get really slowed down when trying to touch type. So instead, I’ve decided for the Write or Die sprints to just type with no capitalization and no apostrophes. Turns out to be a pretty good exercise for learning how to write without censoring oneself. Someone I knew back in grad school used to call it “dirty writing.”

So, I guess that’s enough procrastinating with blog posts for today, back to it.


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