It does seem appropriate that now, when I have about 1 week left in Paris, my $6 floss just ran out. Not sure what that says about my flossing habits.

At this stage I am feeling mostly ready to move back. Paris in July is a bit of a hassle. It’s more crowded with tourists and there’s construction going on everywhere, disrupting my normal bus routes. I’m forced to take the metro far too often, and it’s crowded and hot down there. I find myself fantasizing about my car, wide boulevards, and one-stop shopping.

Of course, a big part of why I’m ready to go back is simply that I am ready to have something OTHER than this book project to focus on. Keeping myself doing book-related-work-and-nothing-but has been very hard. I’ve learned a lot about writing habits, what works and what doesn’t, that kind of thing, but now I’m REALLY ready to start figuring out how to write while also managing my “real life.” I am ready to have the busywork of course prep to break up my days.

And of course, I’m ready to hang out with friends!

The write-a-thon reboot was pretty much a fail, but I have been getting work done nonetheless. By far the best thing I have done is to have weekly “Shut Up and Write” sessions this summer, where I meet up with members of my writing group at a cafe and we have about an hour of chatting and an hour of writing (timer on, no one allowed to talk). This is something I am going to create in SLC and I’m going to have to get some of you on board for it. Because I’m definitely still going to have writing to do when I return.

My ability to keep up this blog has obviously waned, so I’m also looking forward to bringing it to a close as I will be able to see and talk to y’all in person in the near future. I fly back to SoCal on July 31, and I plan to drive to SLC on August 7. So get ready for some socializing, people!

One Response to “Countdown”
  1. Mary says:

    Rats – why is Columbus, Ohio not somewhere in between SoCal and SLC?

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