It does seem appropriate that now, when I have about 1 week left in Paris, my $6 floss just ran out. Not sure what that says about my flossing habits. At this stage I am feeling mostly ready to move back. Paris in July is a bit of a hassle. It’s more crowded with tourists … Continue reading


Hands down best day ever in Paris. Here are all the things gone right. Adorable children listen in rapt attention as I first tell them the story of the Raft of the Medusa, then the Oath of the Horatii, in preparation for visit to the Louvre. This happened over a wonderful baguette-and-croissant breakfast. Visit to … Continue reading

Mell. Or, write like a gangster.

[I caught the above image when riding the bus yesterday: tough-looking middle-aged men eating at “Mell,” a weird echo of the sidewalk gatherings at Satriale’s Pork Store in The Sopranos. The photo is only loosely related to this post.] In Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks, Wendy Belcher points out that Writing is to … Continue reading

Ah, Friends

Tonight I asked my youngest nephew (age 7) if he had a best friend. He said “yes, Cage.” When I pulled this photo up on my iPhone and told him I had found it at my brother’s apartment last week, he grabbed the phone and deleted it instantly. Thank goodness PhotoStream will never let you … Continue reading