Seriously? Redux.

When I first got here, I commented on how ridiculous I felt to be living this life. Yesterday, however, walking across the courtyard of the Louvre after an afternoon spent looking at the curatorial files for my painting, I thought, I’m going to be in Salt Lake Fucking City in a little more than a … Continue reading


It does seem appropriate that now, when I have about 1 week left in Paris, my $6 floss just ran out. Not sure what that says about my flossing habits. At this stage I am feeling mostly ready to move back. Paris in July is a bit of a hassle. It’s more crowded with tourists … Continue reading

Handling the Clutter

When I worked as a personal assistant, my primary job was to organize and simplify my boss’s life. I would arrive at the office approximately one hour before her. I would check her voicemail and open her mail (I imagine that were I doing this now, checking email would be a part of this routine). … Continue reading

Still Here

I had intended to blog more regularly the last couple of weeks, but made the mistake of starting a fairly involved post which just sits in my draft box, taunting me. So I’m going to go ahead and give a brief update at least, and maybe I’ll finish the other one eventually. First of all, … Continue reading

Career Cyberstalker

It has been raining in an uncharacteristic manner lately. Rain itself is frequent enough in Paris, but usually not sideways-driving-with-bursts-of-hail rain. But that’s what we’ve been getting. Can I use that to justify how infrequently I feel like going out? Probably not. Even less so can I explain why I’ve been blogging less, except for … Continue reading

207 Steps. Plus 86.

Seriously, that’s got to count for something, right? Because I haven’t exactly joined a gym since I got here, but I did just make that hike up to Sacre Coeur from the east, walk south down alongside the funicular, and turn back to walk up a final few flights of steps on the southeast hill … Continue reading

Happy Easter

In happy coincidence with the Day of Resurrection, I have finished my article/chapter draft, sent it to my accountabilibuddy, and am ready to get back some semblance of a life.¬†On the down side, I have a really bad feeling that the book needs another chapter. I was hoping to avoid that but am not sure … Continue reading

A Very Good Day

It has been mentioned to me that too many of my posts dwell on failure and difficulty. While that fact doesn’t bother me much, I do think it’s probably true that I don’t often spend time noticing when things are going well. It probably has something to do with the arrival of spring in Paris … Continue reading

Things You Might Know, Others You Might Not

Yes, I have let the blog lapse, and for precisely the reasons you probably imagine: I have not been Getting Shit Done. There was a cold snap in Paris, then I got a cold, then I got a hangover or two, and before I knew it a couple of weeks had gone by where I … Continue reading

Sick Pia, Sick

I did everything right and still this cold virus is KICKING MY ASS. I have been house-bound since Tuesday, and yesterday when I thought I was almost done with the damned thing I made one little trip out, to stretch my legs and get some comforting soup, and bam–BAM!–worse than ever. (It occurs to me … Continue reading