Handling the Clutter

When I worked as a personal assistant, my primary job was to organize and simplify my boss’s life. I would arrive at the office approximately one hour before her. I would check her voicemail and open her mail (I imagine that were I doing this now, checking email would be a part of this routine). … Continue reading

Career Cyberstalker

It has been raining in an uncharacteristic manner lately. Rain itself is frequent enough in Paris, but usually not sideways-driving-with-bursts-of-hail rain. But that’s what we’ve been getting. Can I use that to justify how infrequently I feel like going out? Probably not. Even less so can I explain why I’ve been blogging less, except for … Continue reading

Losing My iPhone

I’ve developed a new genre of stress dream in the last month: I lose my iPhone. More accurately, I get it stolen through some careless action. These dreams seem to have taken over for the stress dream where I lose my cat, a corollary of the stress dream many parents have told me they have … Continue reading