Student Loan Debt and its Vicissitudes

A couple of weeks ago, a colleague asked me to write to a prospective MA student about why he should come to our program with funding, rather than going to More Prestigious Program without subsidy. Knowing that I had incurred quite a hefty sum of student loan debt in the course of acquiring my PhD, … Continue reading

Still Here

I had intended to blog more regularly the last couple of weeks, but made the mistake of starting a fairly involved post which just sits in my draft box, taunting me. So I’m going to go ahead and give a brief update at least, and maybe I’ll finish the other one eventually. First of all, … Continue reading

Career Cyberstalker

It has been raining in an uncharacteristic manner lately. Rain itself is frequent enough in Paris, but usually not sideways-driving-with-bursts-of-hail rain. But that’s what we’ve been getting. Can I use that to justify how infrequently I feel like going out? Probably not. Even less so can I explain why I’ve been blogging less, except for … Continue reading

207 Steps. Plus 86.

Seriously, that’s got to count for something, right? Because I haven’t exactly joined a gym since I got here, but I did just make that hike up to Sacre Coeur from the east, walk south down alongside the funicular, and turn back to walk up a final few flights of steps on the southeast hill … Continue reading

Happy Easter

In happy coincidence with the Day of Resurrection, I have finished my article/chapter draft, sent it to my accountabilibuddy, and am ready to get back some semblance of a life.¬†On the down side, I have a really bad feeling that the book needs another chapter. I was hoping to avoid that but am not sure … Continue reading

The Task of Writing: Still Sucks

I did not make my self-imposed Saturday deadline for turning in a new draft of my article to my accountabilibuddy, but things have been looking up. On Sunday I started to really gain momentum in my work on this article, and now I’m absorbed and making steady progress. I wouldn’t go so far as to … Continue reading


I have not been writing my daily posts this week, but this time it is for a good reason: I’ve been writing the other stuff that I’m *really* supposed to be writing. My new favorite hashtag on twitter is #shutupandwrite. Which plenty of you have been saying to me for years. So there you go. … Continue reading

A Very Good Day

It has been mentioned to me that too many of my posts dwell on failure and difficulty. While that fact doesn’t bother me much, I do think it’s probably true that I don’t often spend time noticing when things are going well. It probably has something to do with the arrival of spring in Paris … Continue reading

Lessons Learned

I’m headed back to Paris this afternoon, and back to the #ECRbook (more on the hashtag shortly). Last Wednesday I met the deadline I had set with my accountabilibuddy by sending off a chapter draft. Though the piece is far from finished, the process of trying to meet a self-imposed deadline taught me a few … Continue reading

Everybody Lies

I feel like I’m hearing something different than most of the internet when I listen to “Retraction,” This American Life’s retraction of their January 6, 2012 episode, “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.” Sure, the whole incident raises interesting questions about “the increasingly blurred lines, in various media, between entertainment and journalism.” Would that mainstream … Continue reading